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Search Tips

This database contains over 4000 AAF® American Air Filter® products. You can search by any information you have available but use the following tips to narrow your search.

Search by Part#

Example: 629-151-863 (*Important: when searching by AAF Part# be sure to include the dashes between the number series, i.e. 629-151-863 not 629151863)

Search by Product Name

Example: RigiFil, AirCobra, PolyKlean, FrontLine, PerfectPleat, Rollomat, DriPak, AmerFrame, etc.

Search by Product Description

Example: RigiFil 12 x 24 x 12 (*Important: when including size information be sure to include a space between numbers, i.e. 12 x 24 x 12 not 12x24x12

Search by Equipment # or Style Code

Example: 105-1347020-104 or 87S74J1P0W0

Can't find the filter your needing

You may have an out of date part number or a custom made filter which requires a special part number. Please e-mail and one of our customer service members will assist you in locating your filter. Please include all known filter information including product name, part number, size, description, etc.